The S.I.A.T. product catalogue offers numerous food brushmodels as well as those for other industrial sectors used in different parts of the industry: bread and pasta production, confectionery, dairy and food and wine in general. For over 40 years, the company in Bologna has offered an all-round selection, capable of meeting every kind of food production and processing requirement. Some of the food brushes found in the catalogue include:


  • cylindrical brushes
  • punched cylindrical brushes
  • flat brushes
  • linear brushes
  • linear brushes with tilted punching
  • punched rotating brushes
  • frontal brushes
  • spiral brushes
  • belt brushes
  • tape brushes
  • interlocking brushes

The food brushes are designed and manufactured by S.I.A.T. in special materials, which is an essential aspect for their intended use. The body and the bristles are, for example, characterised by a specific plastic material for use in different food sectors, in compliance with specific, current regulations. Even the metals used, as well as the plastic, are completely non-toxic, for example, with silver-based alloys.



The production of food brushesalso includes solutions manufactured from a client's drawing or sample with filaments in blue / sky blue, red thread and nylon yarn. More specifically, S.I.A.T. designs and manufactures food brushes for:


  • fruit waxing
  • flour
  • processing of doughs for making bread
  • cereal cleaning
  • filtering of dust from the plants
  • processing of dry and fresh pasta
  • Cracker puncturing
  • fruit and vegetable treatment.
brushes in the industrial sector
made-to-measure brushes
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